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Q: How far do I have to walk to the zip lines?

A: Our bus takes you to the top of the hill where the zip lines start. There is a total of about a quarter of a mile of walking, mostly along our rainforest trail, in short stretches between the zip lines. Our bus brings you back from the last zip line.

Q: How long is the bus ride to the zip line?

A: To the start is 2-3 minutes and from the end back to parking is less than a minute.

Q: How high do I have to climb to use the zip lines?

A: None of the zip lines require a climb up stairs to a tower. A few have a small platform with 1-3 wide levels to help you begin. All zip lines start on the ground at the edges of the ravine through which flows the Hanapueo Stream.

Q: What if I am afraid of heights?

A: Most participants after the first zip are surprised with the level of safety and comfort experienced during the ride. Our entire zip line system is engineered for safety and employs a passive gravity braking system, which allows you an added level of assurance.

Q: What if I get scared after I see the first zip line?

A: Our bus driver will take you back to the entrance or you can walk along and watch the other riders. So far, no one has quit.

Q: What happens if I make a mistake and get stuck in the middle?

A: One of our guides will zip out and pull you in, but it happens rarely.

Q: What if I just want to watch other family members zip?

A: Our bus driver will take you to the top of the Rainforest Trail and you can walk downhill on one side of the ravine as they zip back and forth.

Q: Are there refreshments available?

A: Zip Isle has water stations available while on the tour. Our Visitor Center has snacks, sandwiches and beverages available for you to purchase. We also offer free bananas when ripe.

Q: Do you have any souvenir items to commemorate our zip line tour?

A: Yes. We have our special Zip Isle Survivor T-shirts in a variety of sizes and colors. And photographs of your zip can be purchased in our visitor center.

Q: Is tipping allowed?

A: If you like the zip, feel free to tip.

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