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How Safe is Zipping?

Q: How can I be sure the zip line is safe?

A: We are accredited by the ANSI Accredited Standards Developers, the Assoication for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA), for meeting all the international standards for zip line operations and canopy tours. Our entire operation is inspected at least annually by independent inspectors to ensure we meet those standards. Our equipment and each of our zip lines is inspected every day and on each zip, one of our guides crosses the line first.


Q: Are your staff certified?

A: All of our guides are certified according to industry zip line standards. Each guide is re-certified at least annually.


Q: How many guides go with each group?

A: At least two guides go with each group. Additional guides help at the bottom of the last dual racing zip so you can race side by side.


Q: How many people go on each zip line tour?

A: Our normal tour is 12 people. We can accommodate a maximum of 24 guests, but add additional guides are added for groups of 16 or more. If only one guest comes, we still do the tour. We have a ratio of at least one guide for every 8 people during the day and one for every six at night.


Q: How do I stop?

A: All our zip lines use gravity braking so you don't have to do anything. Our guides will slow you down or stop you as needed. You can slow yourself down by extending one arm and your legs to the sides, but you must always hold the lanyard with one hand.


Q: How strong are the zip lines?

A: The cables have a strength of 26,000 pounds breaking strength and are the same as used to stop jet planes on aircraft carriers. The harness has a strength of 7,000 pounds and the lanyards will take 5,000 pounds.

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