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What to Wear & Bring?

Q: What clothing should I wear?

A: We require you to wear a shirt, pants or shorts, and closed toed shoes. If you want to zip in a skirt, we may allow it but please remember that there are people, including children, walking in the gardens below you on some of the zips. If you have a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, it helps ward off any bug bites. Bring a jacket if you think you might get cold and rain gear in wet weather.

Please remove any dangling jewelry that could get caught in the equipment, tie back long hair so the helmet will fit properly, and secure eyeglasses and sunglasses with a retainer if you have one. If you have protruding body piercings that might get caught on a harness, please remove or tape them over.


Q: Can I wear a hat?

A: Yes, if it will fit securely under your helmet.


Q: What if I forget to wear the right clothing?

A: We have shoes to rent and T-shirts and socks for sale. You're on your own for pants though!


Q: Should I wear bug spray?

A: Definitely if you do not have long pants and a long sleeve shirt. We do have packets of bug spray for sale. Bug spray and suntan lotion must be applied at least 30 minutes before you zip to avoid soiling the equipment.


Q: What equipment will I wear on the zip line?

A: You must wear one of our helmets, which is adjustable to all head sizes, and an adjustable harness buckled around each leg and your waist.


Q: What can I bring with me?


A: It is best to leave valuables in our secured area before you leave as things can fall from your pockets and cannot be recovered from the rainforest. We do supply fanny packs at no additional charge if you want to zip up your valuables and carry them with you. No survey devices are allowed.


Q: Can I take photos and videos?

A: We invite you to bring your camera or video recorder but be sure to secure them to your wrist. Our guides will help you pose if requested. Disposable cameras are available for purchase at our Visitor Center. We often have our photographer on your tour so ask your guides about photos available for purchase at the visitor center.

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