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What's Included?

Q: How many zip rides do I get?

A: You ride a minimum of seven zip lines, including our dual racing zip line at the finish, and walk across one suspension bridge. If the tours are going fast and there are a limited number of guests, the guides may allow you to repeat a few of the zip lines. This is not guaranteed.


Q: Do you have any special zips?

A: Yes, we have a night zip line tour. This is very fun on a full moon. The tour will start at sunset so check with our reservation agents if you are interested.


Q: How long are the zip lines?

A: The zip lines vary in length from 200 feet to 1100 feet with shorter lines at the beginning to get you acclimated to the experience.

Zip 1: 300 feet
Zip 2: 250 feet
Zip 3: 250 feet
Zip 4: 200 feet
Zip 5: 300 feet
Zip 6: 450 feet
Zip 7: 1100 feet, dual racing lines


Q: How high are the zip lines?

A: The highest is Zip 6, which is about 125 feet above the stream below.


Q: How fast can I go?

A: You go 12-16 miles an hour on the first zip line, faster on the later zip lines. You can make yourself go faster by curling up in a ball or putting your legs out straight parallel to the ground if you want. Some zippers have managed to go 40 miles per hour on the dual racing zip.


Q: How long is the suspension bridge?

A: 150 feet


Q: Is there anything else included?

A: Ask at the visitor center when checking in about the one week offer that may be available.

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